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Gold Cartier Love Ring The Language Of Love Have you ever heard of Cartier Love Ring gold, or you already have a Cartier ring, but you probably have not heard of such a legend, one on how to wear Cartier rings, and the different meanings of the different fingers. Here we have to say that the origin of Cartier ring. When we talk about the origin of Cartier ring, go back to 3000 years ago and at that time, no rings of Cartier. The leaders of Egypt used to carry a label that represents the state at any time at all, but I hated to put in their hands, so you want to enter a ring and put it in his fingers. Over time, it was found that the seal of the fingers is fine, so after continuous improvement, bvlgari jewelry rings (buy link became the president. Such is the origin of the rings from Cartier. Cartier rings usually worn on the left hand, right arm because wearing it is not nice to work. However, the importance of wearing Cartier rings, there are several versions of the community. The most common way to say is, wore an inch means a person holding the pursuit of another, wearing the index finger of the person representing the heart of love, or wanting. If a person is in love, or is involved, he wear a Cartier ring on his middle finger. When Cartier ring, says that the person was already married and the little finger is on the left means that a single or divorced. In others, it means to wear any rings that he or she does not half. In modern society, people do not bother me all they want, it does nothing to wear their rings of gold Cartier Love on all fingers. Moreover, the choice of different styles of Cartier Cartier ring will leak the story of your heart, because not only decorate rings Cartier is the kind of ring you want to wear Cartier and likes to wear on the finger will reveal the meaning of the heart. So when we choose the Cartier rings, you can on our own feelings.

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